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At all times your uniform MUST, be smart and clean. Your shoes must be closed in.

Please remove all jewellery and nail polish.


You are responsible for your own timesheets, which must be handed into the client at the end of each working day/week/session, so they can check the details and sign. You will not be paid without a timesheet. Payment terms will be agreed upon between yourselves and the client directly. You will be advised of the hours and your hourly rate prior to accepting the locum contract. You will also be advised when you can expect payment and by which method.

Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment Limited do not run a payroll. Therefore, the client will pay you directly. You will be responsible for your own PAYE & NIC deductions. The Locum worker will be paid no less than the National Minimum wage or the National Living Wage.


You will be advised of the time you need to arrive at the practice in your email confirmation. Please ensure you make good travel arrangements to arrive punctually.

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements and expenses. If travel expenses are offered by the client, then this will be advised in your confirmation of booking.

If you are running late you must advise the client directly or Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment as early as possible.


In the event of sickness and resultant absence from assignment, please advise Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment immediately.

If you have the contact number of the practice, please also advise them directly.

If this absence is going to affect your contract, Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment will do our best to replace you until you are able to return to the position.

Failure to advise us that you are unable to carry out the assignment, or failure to attend an assignment, may result in you being charged for disruption to the client, as the Agency may have to compensate the client.  


Whilst you are not obliged to accept any assignment offered by Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment, if you do there will be responsibilities:

  • Observe any rules and regulations of the client where relevant to independent contractors (including working hours)
  • Take all reasonable steps to safeguard his or her own health & safety and that of any other person who may be present or be affected by his or her actions on the assignment and comply with the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the client where relevant to independent contractors.
  • By accepting an assignment via us you are declaring yourself fit to carry out that assignment. You also agree to inform us immediately if you are injured, diagnosed with any condition or become pregnant whilst on assignment.
  • Not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment and/or the client which includes any behaviour or action which could bring Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment and/or the client into disrepute and/or which results in the loss of custom or business by either Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment or the client.
  • Not commit any act or omission constituting unlawful discrimination against or harassment of any member of Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment or the client’s staff or patients.
  • Not at any time divulge to any person, nor use for his or her own or any other person’s benefit, any confidential information relating to the client’s or Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment employees, business affairs, transactions or finances.
  • You agree to inform us immediately, should you become the subject of any investigation or performance review relating to attitude, behaviour, clinical efficiency/competency or some other deficiency whilst on assignment or before submission of your details for a new assignment via Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment.
  • Independent contractors are not permitted to deliver their services to the client via another agency other than Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment during an assignment or extension of that assignment, with or without client support, unless expressly agreed in writing by Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment.
  • Independent contractors and or Locum workers must advise Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment should they be offered more Locum work independently or offered permanent work with the client or anyone associated with the client or referral from the client.
  • Independent contractors are expected at all times to behave in a responsible, professional and ethical manner in line with the requirements of their registration body, NICE guidelines and clinical updates.
  • Please pay special attention to punctuality, professional image including attire and common courtesy, quality of care and clinical procedures, respect for clients, colleagues, and confidentiality and integrity.
  • Independent contractors must at all times treat patients and their families with respect and dignity.
  • Independent contractors should never attend work under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Independent contractors are not allowed to accept gifts of any type from patients or to witness patient wills or other legal documents or to offer patients financial advice.
  • Independent contractors are not permitted to discuss pay rates or remuneration with other independent contractors provided by or via Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment to the client
  • Independent contractors must take a minimum of half hour break on any shift/working day over six hours for legal/health and safety reasons.
  • Independent contractors must not use mobile phones while on duty and should ensure that all phones are switched off during the shift/working day, without prior approval from the client.

Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment and/or the client may terminate the assignment at any time without prior notice or liability.


Independent contractors are governed by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Health & Safety Work Regulations 1992.

Independent contractors must take reasonable care for the health and safety (H&S) of themselves and others who might be affected by their acts or omissions. Independent contractors must cooperate with client representatives and others to meet statutory and legal requirements.

Independent contractors must never misuse or use anything recklessly provided for H&S or welfare reasons and must use equipment safely

Independent contractors must follow H&S advice and report anything thought to be dangerous. They must also report any failings in the H&S set up.

It is the client’s responsibility to familiarise independent contractors with local H&S policies, the location of fire escapes, and first aid staff.

The worker must undergo a short induction on their first working day, to be advised of the Health & Safety working practices which will include a Health & Safety Risk Assessment.

Should the Locum worker be pregnant, a Maternity Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to the booking confirmation.


Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment is committed to equality and diversity and will promote this in all business activities. Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment will treat everyone equally irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability, colour, religion, political beliefs, membership of a trade union or spent convictions. Any independent contractor who acts in breach of this policy will have his/her assignment reviewed by the agency, including possibly termination of the assignment



Patient care depends on effective record keeping.

Records must be made clear, legible, and indelible, factual, written as soon as possible after the moment, written in black ink and mistakes should never be blotted or scribbled out. A line should be put through the mistake with your initials, signature and date signed.

Records should be written with the involvement of the patient and in terms the patient or client can understand. Records must be in time and date order, identifying problems and their solutions. Crucially, records should detail the care planned, the decisions made, the care actually delivered, and the information shared.

Independent contractors clearly, as a result of their different tasks, responsibilities and competencies, will be keeping different types of records. The above principles apply in all cases.


All patient and client information is confidential and may only be disclosed to an authorised third party, if it is in connection with the treatment of the patient or in connection with an investigation. Please keep information from unauthorised eyes, where possible.

Consent is required to share information, be it from the patient or the client. Independent contractors must make it clear to clients or patients that they are intending to share information with the team providing the care.

Where the patient or client is incapable of giving consent, permanent colleagues must be consulted.

In that rare instance, when the patient withholds their consent, the independent contractor may disclose in the public interest, if required by law or the courts, or if required for reasons of patient employability, security or operational necessity. You are advised to seek advice from your client point of contact or your registration body in this exceptional case.


The independent contractor acknowledges that all copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights deriving from services carried out by him/her for the client during the assignment shall belong to the client. Accordingly, the independent contractor shall execute all such documents and do all such acts as Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment shall from time to time require of him/her, in order to grant effect to the client’s rights pursuant to this clause.


The data protection laws are applicable to independent contractors who shall not do or permit to be done anything which might cause MMP or the client to breach any data protection laws.

Barker Moss Healthcare Recruitment processes the personal data of independent contractors in accord with its Privacy Statement found on its website: www.bmhrec.com


On report to Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment of exposure to possible Hep B, Hep C or HIV, Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment will remove the independent contractor from post in consultation with the client.

In the event of a needle stick injury or some other adverse event exposing the independent contractor to any of the above-mentioned infections either while on assignment or any time before a subsequent assignment, the independent contractor is required to notify Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment immediately.  The independent contractor will also be obliged before each new assignment via Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment to confirm in writing that no such event has occurred between assignments.

Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment will report any independent contractor to its registration body if it can be shown that the independent contractor knowingly experienced an adverse event and failed to report it to Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment either on assignment or before the start of the next assignment via Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment.

Following the guidance of the Department of Health, Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment will require that the independent contractor undergoes further blood tests to demonstrate non-infection to Barker Moss Healthcare recruitment before offering the independent contractor back to the client.


 The agency reserves the right at any time to amend the terms of this handbook without prior approval from its independent contractors.

In accepting assignments through the agency, independent contractors are agreeing to the terms of this handbook.

The terms of this handbook are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales

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