I was dealing with a most professional Agency

From the moment I answered the phone from Jacquie Barker, from Barker Moss Healthcare,I could tell immediately I was dealing with a most professional Agency.

Jacquie showed genuine interest in trying to find a suitable position for me and went through my C.V. in great detail.
She had one position advertised which she felt would be suitable and within a couple to days, called to advise a similar position was also available and asked if I would be interest.
From the moment she put my details forward she kept in touch with me to keep me updated on the progress of the application. She encouraged me constantly to keep my hopes up in securing one of the positions as she knew how anxious I was not being employed at that time.

I did get the job and from that moment all weekly payments were paid promptly and Jacquie continued to be very professional and supported me when little niggles arose as they can working in a Locum position.
I can thoroughly recommend Barker Moss Healthcare and I can never thank Jacquie enough for all the hard work and dedication she gave, not only in finding me a position but also supporting me through my contract.
A first class Agency! Thank you!

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