It was immense pleasure dealing with Barker Moss Healthcare

It was immense pleasure dealing with Barker Moss Healthcare – My initial enquiry was handled professionally and efficiently, all along the process I was clearly told of what was expected and the progress of my application. Initial and throughout my application it was dealt with Jacquie Barker- she was very approachable, friendly, professional and extremely informative. What was very noteworthy was that when she was on leave, my application was appropriately allocated to Sue who continued with ease in making progress in completing my application. For me this shows a solid company ethos, culture and continuity also reassurance any applicant that it is taken forwards and not left stagnant. My case was very complicated as I was relocating from the Far East back to UK. So most correspondences were whilst I was in the Far East; +7hours. All responses were very prompt and efficient but more so very constructive and informative. Even to the details of accommodation, location of working and transportation were duly assisted with by the team. For all this I am indebted to all involved and all my requests were fulfilled and more. I have no reservations in dealing again and extremely highly recommend Barker Moss Healthcare as a recruitment agency- a big thank you!

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